The Historic and Romantic Shelburne Inn

The Past…it’s just so  yesterday, or is it?

A former guest sent us a copy of an old “Hotel Shelburne” brochure that appears to date back to the 1950’s. When we read it we were struck by how things had changed, of course, and also by how they hadn’t. Inside, the brochure read as follows (with the exception of our italicized editorial comments): 

Modern Hotel Shelburne is located in Seaview…when you think of the sea, you will think of the Shelburne. Many wintry gales have weathered its features, but the Shelburne still maintains its salty dignity, the glow of its hearth, and the warmth of its charm. Here you will find:

           No juke boxes—

          No pinball machines—

          No chrome or streamlining—


You Will Find—

          A relaxing home-like atmosphere; good beds (sleep in if you like—a hearty breakfast served ‘til noon) [now true on Sundays], home-cooked foods (yummy home-made bread); and twenty-eight miles of splendid beach thrown in. The tide is in and out twice every 24 hours.” [duh!]  

Today we take pride in the Shelburne’s history, dating to its beginning in 1896 and the fact that it is the oldest continuously operating hotel in the State of Washington. Indeed, the Shelburne has weathered many a storm, but in addition, as a business, it has survived two world wars and a major depression. Admittedly, that gives us a little extra dose of courage as we face current economic challenges. As much as it is historic, it’s also modern in terms of its comfort level and the amenities offered such as a full-service restaurant and pub, wireless Internet service and of course, all private baths. The Inn is getting a new coat of its signature forest green paint and antique white trim, so it’ll be all spruced-up for the spring and summer season. The flowers are blooming and the glorious local foods of our region are on the table. Our friendly staff is eager to point you in the direction of all that the area has to offer. Won’t you join us soon for a much-deserved escape?



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