Washington Wine Country

On a recent trip to visit friends in Yakima and Spokane, David and Laurie took a little detour through the Yakima Valley wine country. Not to be missed is the printed brochure, “Rattlesnake Hills Wine Trail,” which has a map and listing of 16 of the region’s best wineries. A handful of these winemakers went into winemaking about the time David and Laurie became Innkeepers. We’re proud to offer wines from Eaton Hill, Masset and Silver Lake Wineries in the Shelburne Restaurant and Pub. According to the Rattlesnake Hills brochure, there were over 150 awards given to wines produced by the 16 wineries along this wine trail. You can attibute that to the rich, volcanic soil, long days and warm climate of this region as well as the ever-expanding expertise of the winemakers. Definitely worth the trip!

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Co-Owner of The Shelburne Inn, Restaurant & Pub.
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