China Beach Retreat

  • $210 China Beach Retreat #18 & #19
  • $239 China Beach Retreat #20

China Beach RetreatChina Beach Retreat

Located just a five-minute drive from the Shelburne Inn, ChinaBeach Retreat offers an experience close to nature. The locals named this property in the late 1800’s, when Chinese workers who worked in the fish canneries adopted the spot for their home. In 1908 a Finnish fisherman built his home here. David Campiche and Laurie Anderson converted the home into a Bed & Breakfast in 1998 and then added the Audubon Cottage.

In 1998, Innkeepers David Campiche and Laurie Anderson fell in love, again. They visited the property in Ilwaco, Washington historically known by the locals as “China Beach”. The name was given due to the fact that in the early 1900s this was the spot where many Chinese workers lived who worked in the local canneries. The property had a truly spell-binding affect on them and they decided to purchase it and convert the 1908 home into a Bed & Breakfast. If you’re looking for something more secluded and closer to nature, we invite you to visit the website to gain a closer view of the possibilities…