Shelburne Inn, Restaurant & Pub Welcomes Chef Geoff Gunn

Shelburne Chef Geoff Gunn

The Shelburne Inn, Restaurant & Pub is now “home” to Chef Geoff Gunn, of Astoria, Oregon. Chef Gunn was born in the Pacific Northwest, and has traveled widely only to return to the place he loves. Of his early interest in food he said, “I remember my first real dish that I created. I think I was in junior high school. It was pork chops with a glaze made from oranges and mustard, and it turned out surprisingly well! Since that day my passion for food and creating an experience for people has only deepened and grown.” After he outgrew his home kitchen he attended Le Cordon Bleu academy graduating magna cum laude from the Western Culinary Institute of Portland. Shortly after graduating he was awarded with “Upcoming Chef of the Year” by the CIA in Hyde Park, NY.

He started his career in Hawaii where he fell in love with the art of cuisine and dining experiences. Since then he has worked at some of the finest restaurants around the Pacific Rim, from Hawaii to the Oregon and Washington coasts. He grew particularly fond of Pan-Asian cuisine when he worked at one of the most highly-acclaimed restaurants in Waikiki for six years. Gunn has made it a practice to explore the Japanese concept of umami and defines it for himself as “a fullness of flavor in the mouth, where all of your senses are excited.”

His passion extends to sharing his knowledge. Volunteering with up-and-coming chefs has earned him the Partner in Education Award and Outstanding Community Service Recognition.  Chef Gunn has been very involved in the Pro-Start program which helps high school kids explore the opportunities within the culinary field and learn the importance of a home-cooked meal. David Campiche and Laurie Anderson teach a Culinary Arts class to Ilwaco High School students, as part of the Pro-Start program, and they are thrilled to have Chef Gunn as part of their team.

In addition to teaching, Chef Gunn helped co-found, execute, emcee and compete within the United Way Iron Chef Goes Coastal event, which has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for a community in need. His spirit of service and adherence to a high standard have earned him nominations for volunteer Citizen of the Year Award and the Oregon State Mentor of the Year Award.

As he comes to the Shelburne, he brings with him a great knowledge of world cuisine, as well as a passion for creating amazing meals that are one part art, and one part comfort. Chef Gunn comes ready to share with our local community. “We have one of the most unique of opportunities here on the north coast! Our region offers us game and locally crafted beers, wine and spirits. There is nothing we can’t put on a plate or in a glass that can’t be found within 100 miles.” Geoff Gunn is committed to the community, the farm to table movement and the sustainability of local products. Having helped start a composting program at one of his previous restaurants, Gunn gets pretty excited when talking about it, “It’s remarkable that we are able to create 360 degrees of sustainability, farm to table, table to farm, nothing gets wasted and we end up with a richer more vibrant product.”

After working at renowned restaurants in Portland, Cannon Beach and Astoria, Chef Gunn has now joined the Shelburne Restaurant & Pub. He has worked in restaurants both large and small and he has said that it is his desire to really focus on the food, which a restaurant our size enables him to do. Working with local farmers, he uses as many local, organic products as possible. Poultry, beef and pork come from nearby farms, and local produce is delivered for ultimate freshness. The Shelburne has its own culinary herb garden from which Chef Gunn can harvest daily.  Local foragers and seafood products round-out the mix. Chef Gunn considers this region to be a “culinary playground.”

Here are some photos of Chef Gunn’s recent creations…

Our featured special one recent evening was this dish–
Bronzed Alaskan Scallops, served with caramelized Japanese Eggplant, Wild Mushrooms and Fiddlehead Fern over Bamboo Rice and a Fish Sauce Caramel.


Bronzed Alaskan scallops served with bamboo rice, caramelized Japanese eggplant, fiddlehead ferns, wild mushroom and fish sauce caramel.
Roasted Maple Leaf Farms Duck Breast, served with black rice and a bing cherry pomegranate reduction and fresh seasonal vegetables.
Steamed Penn Cove Mussels in a sherry cream with wild mushroom risotto and fish fume


We hope you’ll plan a visit soon, book a room and plan to dine with us. Spring is here!