The Shelburne Inn was established as a retreat to the Washington coast for visitors from Portland, Oregon, and has operated continuously since 1896. Charles Beaver chose the name Shelburne for the home and boarding house he built, naming it after a grand hotel in Dublin, Ireland.

In 1911, to better accommodate increasing numbers of summer visitors, a team of horses was used to pull The Shelburne across the street to join it to another building. In those early days, travelers ventured up the Columbia River to Astoria on the sidewheeler T.J. Potter. From Astoria they ferried to Megler and then traversed the Long Beach Peninsula via the narrow-gauge Clamshell Railroad. The Shelburne Station was one of the main stops, dropping off summer residents and visitors to the Inn.

To date, four major phases of refurbishing and new construction of the Inn have been completed. Meanwhile, a transformation of the dining room was begun in 1983 with the expansion and enclosure of the old front porch that surrounded the building. The glorious Art Nouveau stained glass windows which dominate the restaurant’s front dining room and pub date back to the late 1800′s. Fortunately, we were able to salvage them from a soon-to-be-razed church in Morecambe, England.

The present day Long Beach Peninsula is strongly linked to the rich history surrounding the culmination of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805. Read more about the fascinating details of the Lewis and Clark story.

A Senate Resolution was passed by the Washington State Senate in 1996, in recognition of The Shelburne Inn’s 100th birthday at that time. The Resolution confirms the historic value of the inn as well as the business’s contribution to the community and ability to ‘adapt to changing times.’ Read the official resolution.


“For a century, the Shelburne has drawn visitors to the small beach town of Seaview, a short walk from the expansive sands of the Long Beach Peninsula. Rooms, up stairwells and charmingly tucked away, have a timeless appeal with antique armories, floral decor, and claw-foot tubs.”
-Sunset Magazine “The West’s Best Small Inns” 2/01

“One of the best ways to pick up some local history on your travels is to stay in a place with a history of its own. The Shelburne Inn is a perfect setting in which to be comforted and well fed-just as it was for the men and women who first called it home many years ago.”-Bon Appetit “The Best B&B’s in Historic Homes” 3/93